Choosing the exemplary recovery service for your company

Choosing the exemplary recovery service for your company is more accessible than some make it. AMS is reorganizing to be more up-to-date with the latest collection tools and changes in a post-pandemic environment. For example, new medical debt and credit reporting laws have changed.

Here are some of the valuable interactions associated with the business of revenue recovery that you should be aware of when choosing a company to recover your debt:

  1. Response time to your inquiries, today, an info request is rarely responded to in less than 2 hours.
  2. Access to audit your accounts; with AMS, you have 24/7, 365 days a year, to view any account history on any account you place with us.
  3. Recovery numbers are pertinent and valuable to our clients to gauge our performance; our job is to recover revenue, and nothing less is acceptable.
  4. We strive every day to be the best service available to companies wanting to increase monthly revenue. No matter how big of a success we are.
  5. Professional service is what we stand for; our manner of recovery represents your company; we know that and perform our recovery duties as you would.
  6. Teamwork, we always work with you; we are an extension of your company; our only difference is our company names.
  7. Recommended feedback to our clients is crucial. If we see issues when we start to work on your accounts, we will tell you.

You have nothing to lose by using our services; you will be highly pleased.

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