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President & CEO Raymond Eckert

President & CEO Raymond Eckert

Secure Your Accounts Receivables with Professional Medical Billing Services and Debt Recovery Services for Businesses of all Sizes

AMS is a full-service debt recovery company that specializes in accounts receivable recovery. Our clients have 24/7 access to view their accounts activity and the ability to auto input their accounts. With our power dialer, you can make large amounts of phone calls quickly and efficiently. Our collection statements follow HIPAA and FDCPA guidelines to ensure compliance. AMS offers superior A/R recovery services for medical & corporate accounts throughout the United States. Working medical accounts is a totally different world from working commercial accounts. They cannot be intermingled due to the vast difference in laws and rules. AMS was incorporated in 2002 by President & CEO Raymond Eckert, who has almost 30+ years of experience in this industry.  We are a professional collection company assisting medical facilities, corporations & businesses increase their monthly revenue with proven tactics that produce results.


We offer a new era professional approach to debt recovery. Our collection staff is trained to be respectful, understanding and professional in all aspects of debt collection. During verbal communications with debtors, we offer solutions when possible, we don't berate or threaten, we don't try to "get blood from a turnip", those days are long gone, thank goodness. You can rest assured that your customers are treated with respect and that their accounts are handled in a timely manner. Our team of experienced debt collectors use the latest technology and strategies to recover your outstanding accounts receivables quickly and efficiently. We use a power dialer for large amounts of phone calls, and our collection statements follow HIPAA and FDCPA guidelines accordingly for all medical debt.

Our collection agency prefers to collect money owed to our clients without going to court. In most situations, if a debtor is willing to cooperate on any level, we can successfully collect our client’s money more quickly and less expensively than through litigation. However, when litigation is appropriate and the best alternative, we recommend this course of action to our clients and typically help them navigate the process. It is common for our new clients to have little or no understanding of collection laws and litigation and are surprised at how long it can take to collect via the courts and how uncertain the ultimate collection can be, even with a favorable judgment. There are three steps in collection litigation: determine if you should sue, file and win the lawsuit, and collect the money once a judgment has been issued. When hiring a collection agency, choosing one well-versed in navigating collection litigation should be a high priority.

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Medical Billing and Collections

AMS has a follow-up procedure that is very successful and produces results. We maintain and recover agings by working total OPEN BALANCES by patient. Many hospitals lose revenue due to timely filing write-offs. Our system maintains zero timely write‑offs.

Corporate Collections

If you have not received payment after 90 days of dunning notices, texts, emails & phone calls, chances are, you need an expert collection company to step in. This is our profession just like you have your profession. Collecting debt is what we do best. We have the necessary time to devote to this. You don’t nor would you want to.

Secure and Professional Accounts Receivables Recovery Services

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Local B2B Debt Recovery Agencies

Experienced Business Collections Companies

At AMS, we are a national B2B collection agency. We are affordable, reliable and well trained to restore your lost revenue, streamline your cash flow, and allow you to focus on growing your business. Remember, zero recovery, zero fee.

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  • No Cost to you if we do not collect your debt

    American Corporate Recovery, an arm of AMS, is an Akron-Canton debt recovery agency for businesses of all sizes, focused on recovering past due debt fast and efficiently.

  • Corporate Collections

    We are dedicated to success and are numbers driven. Our collection techniques in our corporate division can help streamline cash flow and keep it streamlined. We try to maintain a constant and fluid cash flow for all of our clients. 

  • Our Corporate Collectors are well versed in debt recovery and are highly successful at recovery.

    For the best corporate collections, utilize our corporate collections division to help recover your lost revenue and immediately streamline your cash flow. 

  • We are a collection agency here to help companies with debt recovery. Thats our job.

    We are a collection agency specializing in debt collections. Our team of professionals can assist you in recovering your unpaid debt quickly and efficiently so you can focus your energy and time on growing your business.

  • Using a collection agency doesnt have to be your last resort

    We offer statement mailings and reminder mailings to customers before account ages past 90 days. Frees your office from a heavy task. You also will not lose customers with our professional and direct collection methods.

  • We are a leading debt collections company

    With our team of experienced professionals, you can be sure that you will receive the money you are owed and the attention you deserve as our client. 

Our Partners


Robin & Pam

"Allergy and Asthma Specialist have used American Med Systems since 2018. The staff is easy to contact and very friendly. We have had no patient complaints regarding collection procedures. The monthly reports are timely and easy to read and follow."



Christopher Starnes MD FACP

Owner Cutting Edge Dermatology

"Choosing a collections provider is a difficult process.  You want a company that can produce results while not upsetting your patient base.  Unfortunately, some insurances make us bill after the visit and this often leads to an account going over 90 days unpaid.  We have used several collection agencies in the past.  Most of our bad decisions related to the collections company being rude or demanding to our patients.  AMS does an excellent job of helping the patient understand that they did indeed receive services in ernest and, with the way insurance operates today, often the onus of payment responsibility lies with the patient.  Lastly, when you own your own business, you have to get paid and you have to pay your staff.  We have been partners with AMS since 2014 and have no complaints or reservations about recommending them without reservation."


Louise O.

Medical Billing Manager

Paramount Urgent Care / Prestige Urgent Care

"I have worked with American Med Systems for many years as a medical biller.  They are very professional, and kind to any persons that we have given to the staff to collect on.

We have a wonderful relationship with the staff, and they help with many things for our company."

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