Medical Billing & Collections

Bringing Convenience to Medical Bill Collections

AMS Hospital & Medical Office Services

AMS has a follow-up procedure that is very successful and produces results. We maintain and recover agings by working total OPEN BALANCES by patient. Many hospitals lose revenue due to timely filing write-offs. Our proven follow up procedures maintain zero timely write‑offs. 

Medical Billing & Collections Program

Initial billing to any and all payers

Secondary Billing when necessary

Early out collection programs available, ask for further details

Denial Management

A/R Aging Overhaul & Maintenance

Aging Maintenance Solutions

AMS creates teams to work on agings and is  assigned by alpha split so there is enough coverage to be successful. We manage and control agings by working all open accounts by patient. Once the aging is made current, it is easier to keep current. Our on-site team ENSURES the new billings are sent out to the payer DAILY. All new billings AND ANY DENIALS trigger the biller to review any open balances and calendars open accounts for immediate resolution. Once we work an account, we do not lose it in the system, they are calendared to appear on our screen on the day THE RESOLUTION IS PROMISED. 

The amount of unpaid hospital billings is enormous right now due to the current staffing situations throughout the country. AMS hires and places well trained and experienced billing and follow up staffing for hospitals throughout the USA at no cost to you. All we ask for is a desk, PC, phone, system access and a work area. 

Our workflow process on denials:

  • Denials worked daily
  • When working denials, all patient's open dates of service are brought up in the system, reviewed & reworked if needed.

If AMS cannot resolve the issue (ie, diagnosis codes, etc), the bill is then transferred to proper hospital department for adjustment. We locate internal snags and present them to hospital management to review. Our job is to assist hospitals and to advise when a workflow is hampered and offer guidance for amending.



  • NO payroll

  • NO payroll fees

  • NO workers comp payments

  • NO employment ads

  • NO unemployment payments

  • NO 401K match payments

  • NO payroll taxes

  • NO parking pass fees

  • NO medical insurance cost

With American Med Systems, you can save money in more ways than one! We offer staff on-site at no cost to you. No need for payroll, payroll fees, workers comp payments, employment ads, unemployment payments, 401K match payments, payroll taxes, parking pass fees, or medical insurance cost. Let us show you how our professional team can work for you!