Some Of Our Proven Tools Of Recovery We Use To Success

Locate & identify the recovery problem(s) for medical facilities

Work medical billing denials daily and work all open accounts simultaneously for same patient.

Our recovery experts take personal responsibility for the success of their assigned accounts

Rewards/bonus programs for all recovery personnel

Design an immediate recovery plan on large open and aged accounts for large hospital systems 

Create follow up teams by desks and alpha splits.

 Work assignments per employee

Productive team meetings when necessary

Install AMS on site staff based on need.

Create teams that ensures daily billing on new claims and follow-up open and previously billed claims.

Monthly, yearly and fiscal batch reporting showing % of recovery and cost to collect and by hospital if more than one in group

Monthly production goals set each month and monthly numbers reviewed in depth 

Separate and identify the older accounts by payer for immediate work to avoid timely write-offs.

Ample staff at all times, remote  or on-site

Progress reports weekly

Be totally aware of open billed medical accounts nearing timely filing deadlines.