AMS is taking steps to revamp their daily work efforts and adapt to the post

AMS is taking steps to revamp their daily work efforts and adapt to the post-pandemic era. In terms of sales, it’s important to focus on building strong relationships with potential clients and providing value that differentiates your services from others in the market. This can involve understanding the specific needs and pain points of each potential client and tailoring your sales pitch accordingly.

I once made a sales phone call to a Ohio hospital was told by the patient account manager they were doing fine on their Workers Comp billings.  I thanked him and ended the call. Next day I had mentioned the hospital to my Ohio WC contact and she advised me that the hospital I was referring to were one of the worst at WC billing and the hospital had many rejections due to incorrect billing, I thanked her for the info and recalled the hospital. I spoke to the same PA manager, this time i had told him about my conversation with the Ohio WC agent, he then said to me, “When can you meet with me”, I was there the next day and signed another Ohio hospital. Knowledge was power in this case.

Using social media to generate leads and establishing a strong online presence through a well-designed website and relevant blog content can also be effective. Additionally, leveraging word-of-mouth referrals and networking within relevant industries can help to expand your client base.

Overall, taking a targeted and strategic approach to sales, focusing on building strong relationships and providing value to potential clients, can help to drive success in the competitive market of billing and collections.

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