I enjoy talking to people on the phone, always have. I find it very satisfying when I can assist and help an individual who is lost in a maze of paperwork and needs help with insurance balances and copays. Knowing how to read and comprehend an insurance EOB (explanation of benefits) is not that easy for some individuals. I once had an elderly patient on the phone telling me he had a box of eobs for his wife and had no idea what he had. I had him bring in those eobs and for 2 hours, we went through all of them. His original collection account was for about $5,000. He had primary, secondary, and a third payer. After I was done, I was able to get many accounts rebilled to the payer for reimbursement. He ended up owing about $800.00. He thanked me profusely. I told him I was glad to help; that was part of my job. Collecting accounts isn’t always about getting paid from a patient in medical collections. An experience medical collector knows what assistance is available to patients today and can direct the patient to that area. A lot of patients are elderly and on a fixed income, sad to say, and they do need assistance and understanding. Medical facilities do not appreciate the mishandling of their accounts and do not condone patient complaint calls on an agency. That is not good for a repeat patient base.

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