How long has American Med Systems been in the collection business?

American Med Systems has been a successful collection agency and medical billing

agency since 1996. The CEO Raymond Eckert has been involved in the industry

since 1984. Our services include medical collections and commercial collections.

American Corporate Recovery, a subsidiary, works commercial collections.

Do you work small balances?

We work balances as low as $50.00 unless all service dates total $50 or more.

How do I send my accounts to you?

We offer several options. Either secure email or a 24/7 access portal where accounts can be entered.

How much will this cost me?

We work on commission only. If we don’t collect the account, there is no fee.

There is absolutely no other cost involved. Our fees are as low as 8% and as high

as 40%. Age and balance of the account is what determines that fee rate. Accounts over

1 year old from date of service are 35%, under 1 year 25%. Balances under $100 are 30%.

What type of notice do you send?

We send a series of collection notices to the debtors that graduate in tone and

demand. Our philosophy is notices do not collect revenue, phone calls do.

Do you report unpaid accounts to the credit bureau?

Yes, only with your approval. Disputes are deleted if we are unable to prove debt.

What happens if I receive payment for the debt?

If our notice or call generated the payment, that is taken as a pay direct, it must

be reported to us so we can apply it to the debtors account at full fee. If we didn’t send a

notice out on the account yet, but had it in our system, the fee is half of regular fee.

Why should I use a collection agency?

We are trained to collect revenue and ask for payments. This is what we do for a

living and are very successful at it. We can accept credit cards, checks by phone and

payment via our web site. We are trained medical collectors who know how to talk to

patients and know how to understand medical insurance questions. Our commercial

collections are worked by an entirely separate department by well-trained recovery agents.

Am I locked into a long contract?

Absolutely not. It’s an agreement that allows us to work your accounts and all we need

is a 30 day prior written notice from you to stop. Very simple and straight forward.