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Hospital, Clinic, Industrial Urgent Care and
Physician WC/MVA/PI Billing and Follow-Up

American Med Systems specializes in State Workers Compensation claim billing and recovery. Our average recovery rate is 93% of the amount that is recoverable within 60 days of the bills submission.

AMS is the industry's top performer, delivering you the knowledge, experience and success of our 30+ years of experience!

We also specialize in Motor Vehicle and Personal Injury, which is often included in the WC Billing department of medical facilities. AMS will work with the attorney to get payment directly to the facility whenever possible. AMS will work with the insurance adjustors and attorneys to track when the claim is settled and paid. We negotiate maximum settlements! If the patient is responsible, we will obtain payment at the time the settlement is received.

For years we have been establishing long standing relationships with many of the insurance companies and their adjustors and supervisors, who allow us additional methods to expedite the bills. Bills are also checked for acknowledgement prior to a denial being issued. AMS has the capability to start the claims process and finalize the claim resulting in a PAID IN FULL.

On-Site Personnel
When requested we will place on-site personnel, at our cost, to manage your accounts and initial bill from your facility's system and transfer the accounts at the appropriate time, for AMS to follow-up and accelerate and maximize recovery. This eliminates the burden on your staff and allows the facility and AMS hands on management.

First Reports of Injury
We call the employer/insurance carrier to verify the patient's benefits and the assigned Claims Adjustor.

Claim Number
All attempts will be made to obtain the proper claim number for billing purposes, if the claim number is not on file.

We will make every effort to obtain authorization from/for the physician and follow up until it is obtained, then re-bill the payor to finalize the bill. AMS will obtain authorization for additional tests or treatments requested.

DX Codes
We verify all DX Codes to ensure they are valid and allowed PRIOR to billing.

Self-Insured Claims
AMS will bill the proper department, at the correct office, for all self-insured companies. We will submit the medical records as requested. We negotiate maximum settlements, when necessary.

On-site Medical Billing & Collections Personnel

Find out how our on-site medical billing specialists can help you ease the burden of medical billing and collections. Learn more about our attractive fee schedules. Contact Us!

The 30-day Revenue Cycle

Learn more about our approach to medical billing and collections and the results that we achieve with weekly remits and innovative solutions. Contact Us!

Workers Comp Collections Services

We have the highest recovery rate of all collection agencies in our industry. We welcome the opportunity to prove this to your facility. Contact Us!

Nationwide Billing and Collections Services from our East & West Coast Offices

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