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The History of American Med Systems, Inc.

American Med Systems is an Ohio based company that specializes in Revenue Recovery for Medical Facilities of all sizes. The services that AMS offers, include, Initial Billing, Secondary and Tertiary billing, WC, MVA's, Personal Injury, and Collections; from Early Out to Secondary Collections, to A/R Follow up on aged insurance accounts. AMS also offers Billing and Follow-up services for in-office dispensed pharmaceutical distributors. Our motto is "If we can't collect, You don't pay".

American Med Systems was founded by our CEO and President, Ray Eckert who started out in 1984 as a collector for "Credit Consultants Inc.". Ray set records for the amount of revenue recovered and was promoted to Director of Medical Billing, he stayed for 11 years and 10 months as he learned to hone his collections skills by troubleshooting and maximizing the insurance recovery for several key hospital clients. His department began with 2 people, and grew to 35 in a ten year period. In 1996, Ray Eckert cofounded "Prompt Recovery Services, Inc.", to focus on Commercial and Retail Collections. Within 5 years the company grew from 3 employees to 16 employees, and added Medical Billing and Collections to its services. In 2000, Ray founded "American Med Systems, Inc." to service medical facilities in all phases of Revenue Recovery. AMS has grown to include 2 offices in Ohio and is in the process of expanding to include offices in Florida and Nevada. AMS also has a sales office in Newport, California. Currently, AMS has 30+ employees, including its client on-site employees.

Looking to the Future
Within the past 5 years, American Med Systems expanded its client base, to include clients in the Southern and Western part of the U.S. AMS is responding by opening offices in Nevada and Florida, to better serve our clients in those areas. AMS will be expanding its Sales staff and adding additional Billing and Collection staff in each location, to maximize our service exposure.

On-site Medical Billing & Collections Personnel

Find out how our on-site medical billing specialists can help you ease the burden of medical billing and collections. Learn more about our attractive fee schedules. Contact Us!

The 30-day Revenue Cycle

Learn more about our approach to medical billing and collections and the results that we achieve with weekly remits and innovative solutions. Contact Us!

Workers Comp Collections Services

We have the highest recovery rate of all collection agencies in our industry. We welcome the opportunity to prove this to your facility. Contact Us!

Nationwide Billing and Collections Services from our East & West Coast Offices

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