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AMS Client Portal

AMS Client Portal


CAW and PayStream

American Med Systems has recently introduced Client Access Web and will be introducing PayStream in the second quarter of 2012.

Client Access Web is a 24/7 HIPAA secure internet portal into our database –clients will be able to pull detailed reports, message collectors, view or log payments, review notes or upload files at any given time.

PayStream is a 24/7 virtual collector – patients will be able to access their accounts through a HIPAA secure internet portal in order to view their balances, make payments or payment arrangements at their convenience.

American Med System's Client Web Access

Welcome to the American Med Systems Client Access Portal. This portal has been crafted so that you, our valued client, can have convenient and secure access to your accounts when you need it. Providing you with top-level service and excellent performance is our number one goal, so the features available within the portal have been designed particularly to allow you a number of ways to evaluate the recovery efforts being made on the business you provide us.

- User Defined Access to Detailed Account Information
- Unlimited Amount of User IDs
- Comprehensive Reporting Tools at your fingertips 24/7
- New Account Entry Templates
- Secure File Transfers
- Full Featured Messaging Center
- Feature Rich and Easy to Use
- HIPAA Secure


Allows you instant access to view your accounts anytime, anywhere. No need to request a status or wait on a report, login and view the results instantly. Access to run reports, check balances, view notes, report payments, transfer files, submit new placements and message in a secure environment.

If you are interested in our services or enrolling in Client Access Web,
please contact us at 1-866-719-5039 today!

Already enrolled? Click here: Launch Client Access


AMS Client Portal


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