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AMS Client Portal


Self Pay and Patient Responsibility Collections

American Med Systems offers all phases of medical and dental collections. In addition, we offer Commercial Collection Services under American Corporate Recovery, a division of AMS.

Patient education is good "PR"

"Patient Education is essential……… misunderstandings regarding billings………. are the greatest component of patient dissatisfaction"
(Best Practices for Self-Pay Collections by Tina Eller)

AMS has over 250+ clients and understands the collection process needs to be done with "PR" in mind. We know that you have worked hard to establish good relationships with your patients and would like to preserve your relationship, if possible. All of our collectors are trained on the many ways that medical insurance is transferred to patient responsibility. We are able to "walk" the patient through why they owe a balance, and what payments were satisfied by insurance, so they understand why they owe the debt, and then we work with them to pay their bill.

Training and Compliance
Our billers and collectors are trained on all aspects of the HIPAA Compliance Statutes and the FDCPA laws, and are required to take additional training and classes on new developments and changes.

Dunning Notices
Notices are generated for all accounts that are entered in our systems. The frequency and notice type are determined by the specific strategy developed to maximize the results for each individual client. Notices can be customized and prepared immediately to accommodate your facilities unique situation.

Predictive Dialer and Telephone Contact
Telephone contact is initiated once the debtor has received the Dunning Notice. In addition, AMS uses a predictive dialer that allows us reach more patients faster.

Skip Tracing and Credit Bureau Reports
AMS offers skip tracing and CBR's at no charge to our clients. The reports are tools that AMS uses to collect more and to determine if and how a debtor can pay the debt. Once the account has been in house for 90 days, AMS will report unpaid debts to the credit bureau at no additional charge to the client.

Future Asset Follow-Up System
When patients are in a temporary financial/economic situation, AMS hold activity on the file and reviews the file every 30 days. The file will be activated again once the situation improves.

Insurance Recovery
If AMS finds that there is additional insurance information or secondary/tertiary insurance we will collect the appropriate information, call for verification, and inform the client to bill the account.

Debtor Payment Plans
Payment in full is requested on the initial phone contact. A payment plan is introduced if the patient is unable to pay in full. AMS issues payment plan letters to remind the patient to keep its obligation to the client. Broken payment plans go immediately back into the collections module. Payment Plans are required to be reasonable and timely.

Payment Options
AMS offers many payment options, we accept Check by Phone, Credit Card/Debit by Phone all major cards are accepted, automatic Withdraws and Internet Payments on AMS website

Hours of Operation
AMS offers extended hours of operation in the evenings and on the weekends, in order to reach those patients/debtors that work a normal day shift.

"If AMS can't collect, you don't pay!"

On-site Medical Billing & Collections Personnel

Find out how our on-site medical billing specialists can help you ease the burden of medical billing and collections. Learn more about our attractive fee schedules. Contact Us!

The 30-day Revenue Cycle

Learn more about our approach to medical billing and collections and the results that we achieve with weekly remits and innovative solutions. Contact Us!

Workers Comp Collections Services

We have the highest recovery rate of all collection agencies in our industry. We welcome the opportunity to prove this to your facility. Contact Us!

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