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Early-Out or Pre Collect Services

Start collecting revenue 90 days earlier! So many medical facilities are starting to use Early Out Services to collect more revenue faster and earlier in the process, as well as avoiding sending their patients to collections, maintaining patronage and public relations. With higher deductibles, earlier payments ensure self-pay cash flow and higher percentage self-pay account resolution.

American Med Services refers to Early-Out Services as a "soft collect". Early-Out is an extension of billing activities and these accounts are not in collections. In our experience patients will delay the first payment or payment arrangements, because they do not understand their health insurance and it is confusing and time consuming to do the research. AMS Early-Out staff consists of schooled or trained billers, capable of "walking" the patient through the complications of their specific health insurance plan.

AMS works in partnership with your facility to help the patients:

  1. Understand why there is a balanced owed i.e. deductible, 80/20 or denied claim.
  2. Decide how best they can pay the bill, whether in full, by check, credit card or by making payments and then we keep them on track monthly with their obligation to your facility. Payments can be made on the AMS internet site, as well as being mailed or calling in payments.
  3. Target patients early, for qualification for state assistance or charity programs.
  4. Obtain pre-authorizations with-in the time limits allowed.
  5. Obtain correct insurance information or identify as payment, if insurance provided to the facility denied.
  6. Obtain Secondary Insurance Information.
  7. Avoid being turned over to collections and possible report to credit.

AMS customizes the Early-Out Program that best fits your facility's needs. Each of the following standard EO procedures can be customized to best serve your patients:

  1. Initial Statement can be generated by your facility or by AMS. Accounts can be uploaded to AMS at this time or 30 days later, depending on your facility's needs.
  2. IZ to 30 days-payments can be sent and handled by your facility or sent and handled by AMS. Phone calls can commence or placed on hold until after the first EO letter is generated by AMS.
  3. A dedicated 1-800 phone number is created and dedicated to your facility. Dedicated staff members answer the phone professionally as your facility. Addresses are verified by AMS mail service and corrected if necessary prior to first mailing.
  4. 30 to 60 days-First EO letter is sent. Phone calls are limited to twice a week and a Predictive Dialer, with custom messages that adhere to the HIPAA statutes, are generated. Busy signals and no answers are eliminated and collectors spend 400% more time talking to patients.
  5. 60 to 90 days-Second EO letter is sent. Phone calls continue. Place of Employment phone numbers can be added.
  6. 90 to 120 day- Last EO letter is sent, informing the patient that the next step is to send them to collections and possible report to credit. Phone calls to home and place of employment are continued.
  7. Campaigns can be run to offer discounts for a period of time to boost return at crucial financial times for the facility.
  8. High Balances have a credit report run and an asset search is done to aid the patient in payment options.
  9. Notes are uploaded from AMS system to your facility for real time information on accounts.
  10. Adjustments and Posting of payments can be posted in your facilities system by the staff at AMS.
  11. Reports are sent monthly or can be customized by information needed and frequency required by your facility.
  12. Aging buckets in self-pay and patient responsibility will show significant improvement, along with your facilities cash flow.

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