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Physician Dispensed WC Pharmaceutical Billing and Follow-Up

  1. AMS will bill all pharmaceutical Workers Comp claims that are submitted, by paper or electronically, when appropriate.
  2. AMS will call Workers Comp carriers for statuses of all denied and unpaid claims past the 30 day statute, and take the appropriate steps to generate payment.
  3. AMS will call the pharmacy, the patient, or the attending physician to obtain any necessary information needed to render billings when authorized by our client.
  4. AMS will incur the cost of postage related to billings and transfer of documentation required in submitting claims to carrier.
  5. AMS will request and obtain medical records from your facility in order to forward to carrier when necessary.
  6. AMS will post payments in our system on a daily basis.
  7. AMS will render an electronic weekly remit showing payments posted for the prior week.
  8. If a claim is denied for the reason of being a Non Workers Compensation Claim then AMS will post as a "write off" in our system and provide a "write off report" to your facility for posting in your facilities system.
  9. AMS will review to insure Workers Comp payments were made at the correct rate (no less accepted than 80% of the red book value).
  10. AMS will appeal all claims that are paid at less than 80% of the red book value.

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