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If your initial billing is generated in office, chances are that your facility is well able to maintain initial billing activities and not much more. Some facilities have the staff to do one follow up call on denied claims but because of the complexities and time limits placed on initial billing and the immediate flow of income that is crucial to your facility, follow up becomes secondary and your aging begins to accumulate. Whether you are a Hospital or a Physician, if you need continuous follow-up services or just a clean-up project, AMS can help.


American Med Systems will do an analysis on your aged revenue and formulate a "plan of attack" to aggressively increase cash flow, lower write-offs/adjustments and significantly reduce the number of days on your facilities accounts receivables. Our highly trained and experienced staff will organize your AR to be worked as expediently as possible to catch claims with time limits that are ready to expire and then organize the remaining claims by balance, payor and aging buckets to bring you in cash flow quickly and lower your AR expediently. Denied electronic Claims are re-billed electronically and secondary or paper bills are billed clean and the most expedient way possible. Claims that are denied or do not pay at the contracted rates are appealed.

AMS is experienced in collecting:

  1. Federal Government Insurance Claims
  2. Commercial Insurance Insurance Claims
  3. Managed Care Insurance Claims
  4. Workers Compensation Insurance Claims
  5. Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Claims

In addition to the Insurance Follow Up activities, we will simultaneously have our collections department start patient responsibility services on those accounts with self-pay balances. In addition, we are able initiate Early Out Services on all AR insurance claims that have been satisfied. Please refer to the website pages dedicated to Collections Services.

AMS will then work as your partner to consistently maintain the additional cash flow from Follow Up with a minimum of claims going beyond 60 days! Please call our sales department and request our references to check our track record!

On-site Medical Billing & Collections Personnel

Find out how our on-site medical billing specialists can help you ease the burden of medical billing and collections. Learn more about our attractive fee schedules. Contact Us!

The 30-day Revenue Cycle

Learn more about our approach to medical billing and collections and the results that we achieve with weekly remits and innovative solutions. Contact Us!

Workers Comp Collections Services

We have the highest recovery rate of all collection agencies in our industry. We welcome the opportunity to prove this to your facility. Contact Us!

Nationwide Billing and Collections Services from our East & West Coast Offices

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