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AMS Client Portal


Hospital and Physician Billing

AMS offers billing services to Hospitals and Multi-Specialty Medical Facilities including single Physician Offices.

AMS Hospital Billers are trained in the HIPAA 4010A1 transaction upgrade to the new 5010 standards!

All Billing activities are HIPAA Compliant.

AMS works in partnership with your facility to help the patients:

  1. On-Site or "Logged-In" Professionally Trained Initial Billers to handle Primary/Secondary and Tertiary Claims with all follow-up done at the corporate office.
  2. Workers Compensation Billing and Follow-Up
  3. MVA/PI Billing and Follow-Up
  4. Accounts Receivable re-billing and Appeals to pay at contractual agreement levels.
  5. Early-Out Billing and Follow-Up (refer to page dedicated to EO)
  6. Payment posting services can be requested.

AMS works in partnership with your facility to help the patients:

  1. Claims are worked on site or by AMS staff in your facilities system, or claims are uploaded to the system of AMS. For physicians, EOBs can be provided. Notes are uploaded back and forth so each system is mirrored.
  2. Claims are re-billed or appealed if denied or not paid at contractual agreements.
  3. Claims are adjusted and posted as insurance pays. Reports or uploads are provided for duplication in both systems.
  4. Claim balances are converted to Early-Out status and worked accordingly (refer to page dedicated to EO).
  5. All phases of Collections First and Second Placement are available.
  6. Acknowledgement Report, Monthly Status Report, Financial Summary Report, Transmittal Reports and Remits available.
  7. AMS can upload accounts, notes and payments, adjustments to your system for real time information on claims.
  8. AMS will analyze your aging monthly to maximize your revenue and recovery.

*Fees for Services are based on scope of services requested (package) and volume of claims.

If you could increase revenue by two or three times and tighten your aging without adding staff would you do it? Call American Med Systems today to get a quote on the service package that you are interested in customizing for your facility. We can answer questions and make recommendations on how AMS could best partner with your facility. Scores of medical facilities have answered yes by turning to American Med Systems, Inc. We have become the leading revenue recovery specialists in the health care industry with a mission to collect the maximum revenue for clients in the shortest amount of time, while maintaining complete HIPAA Compliance.

Medical Facilities understand the benefit of outsourcing their billing and follow-up activities because of our ability to achieve results.

Why are our processes so successful?

  1. Our staff is highly and professionally trained, with continuing education so we are kept up to date with all health care changes.
  2. We are committed to adding qualified staff as we grow in order to keep billing and follow-up representatives from being overloaded. AMS is constantly monitoring workloads and productivity and making case load adjustments as needed.
  3. We analyze aging monthly in order to keep the aging "clean".
  4. We strive to stay in contact with our clients and work as a partner with your facility and your patients.

On-site Medical Billing & Collections Personnel

Find out how our on-site medical billing specialists can help you ease the burden of medical billing and collections. Learn more about our attractive fee schedules. Contact Us!

The 30-day Revenue Cycle

Learn more about our approach to medical billing and collections and the results that we achieve with weekly remits and innovative solutions. Contact Us!

Workers Comp Collections Services

We have the highest recovery rate of all collection agencies in our industry. We welcome the opportunity to prove this to your facility. Contact Us!

Nationwide Billing and Collections Services from our East & West Coast Offices

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